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Another Great Clip It Up idea

Great Way to organize your embellishments and clear stamp sets!

Clip It Up Display, shared by Elizabeth Sloman
A great do it yourself display using everyday items! Fun, and inexpensive!!
Base of Rack - Step 1
For the base of the rack you will need to purchase a terra cotta saucer for a flower pot.
The one I used I bought at Home Depot. It's 14.5" in diameter. It does not come with a hole in the center.
You could use any plant saucer- even a pretty ceramic one. Just remember that it has to be broad enough and heavy enough to support the rest of the rack. Also, it's best if you add the hole which I will explain later- so that it is the exact size of the rod you will be inserting.
Step 2
The next step is to prepare the base.
You will first need to find the center of the rack and drill your hole. This is the most difficult step of the entire process!
I purchased a drill bit made for ceramic and tile at Home Depot for this step.
The hole should be just large enough for the rod to go into it.
After the hole was drilled. I took the base outside and spray painted it with a metallic spray paint to coordinate with my scrapping room.
Step 3
While your base is drying it's time to move on to the next step.
The actual spinning racks I used are the frames from the insides of two lamp shades. I purchased one of the shades at a thrift store for .50 cents and the other was one I had at home that I no longer needed.
Remove the frame from the lamp shade.
Step 4
When looking for lampshade be sure they are the type of lampshade that attaches to the lamp by screwing on a finial as opposed to the type that is held into place by the lightbulb itself.
The larger frame I used is 11 and a half inches in diameter and the smaller is 7 inches.
When choosing sizes remember that the largest needs to be smaller than the base for stability and that when you hang your items onto it that half of the item will extend beyond the outside of the rack and that half will be on the inside.
Step 5
Once removed your frames will look like this.
To remove the excess glue and paper or fabric from the frame- I first soaked mine in warm water and then lightly sanded with sand paper to remove any residue.
Next I took the racks outside and spray painted them with a brown metallic paint to coordinate with my Scrapping Space.
Step 6
In the lighting department at Home Depot you will need to purchase the following:
(Not Shown) a 30" threaded rod for making lamps. It will be found packaged in the lighting department in a package that looks like the packages shown.
You will also need the finial of your choice and 2 packages of the lock nuts shown.
Also needed are 2 large - 2" washers with the right size center hole that will fit on the rod. These washers are very important as they will prevent the terra cotta saucer from cracking.
In the red writing at the bottom of the packages you will find the dimensions- be sure that your finial and Lock nuts are the same size as your rod.
Step 7 - Rack Assembly
Insert the rod into the hole in the terra cotta saucer. Your saucer should be upside down as shown in the picture.
Be sure there isn't so much of the rod on the underside that it is longer than the saucer is deep as this will prevent it from sitting nicely.
On to your rod on the underside of the saucer you will first need to put on one of the Large 2" washers.
Then screw into place a Nut to hold it firmly in place.
You should now be able to sit your rack upright.
Place the other large 2" washer onto the rod so that it is sitting on the top of your saucer . Screw on to the rod a nut so that it is sitting on top of the washer and tighten.
Next- with a ruler measure 14" up the rod and mark with a marker. Screw a nut onto the rod to this mark. Place a lock nut on top of the nut and screw another nut into place. Tighten. Spray a little PAM cooking spray or some WD-40 on to the top nut.
Next set your large Lampshade from on top of your nut-lock nut- nut combination.
On top of the large lamp shade add a little more Cooking Spray or WD-40 and repeat with another nut- lock nut- nut combination.
You've now installed your first spinning rack. Give it a spin
Next measure from the top of the last night up your rod 12". Repeat the steps for installing the large spinning rack.
Top with a finial of your choice.
Hanging your items. Most things come prepackaged with a hole for hanging built in. I used safety pins to attach everything.

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